Approval of  funding proposal for the  “ESPA” of fishing.

The association Sustainable Samothraki is happy to inform you that on 12.02.2021 the proposal “Sustainsea – Actions for increasing the Sustainability of the  Marine environment in the region of Samothraki”  was approved by the business program “Fishing and sea 2014 – 2020” with an overall amount of funding of 38.092,80 Euros.

This project includes actions that are connected with the sustainable development of Samothraki, not only through environmental awareness, but also through the boosting of local entrepreneurship (sustainable fishing), and the reinforcement of tourist products via cultural means.

Specifically, the proposal consists of the following actions:

  1. Actions for informing and sensitization about both the value of marine ecosystems and the importance of environmental protection
  1. Actions for the support of sustainable fishing through the organization of a seminar with the topic “fishing and the environment”.
  1. A Cultural event whose goal is the promotion of cultural identity and local gastronomy.

The aforesaid activities are directed at fishing professionals, guests and the native residents of Samothraki, and especially at  pupils of all grades.

The board of directors

Sustainable Samothraki

More Information: SustainSea (Αφιέρωμα – Έργο)